KHMC Season 2 : Question No. 10 - 11th January 2014 OLX-GBK (OLX Ghar Baslyaa Kamva).


Q.10) Which of the following animals is know as the King of Jungle?

                           A. Tiger.    
                           B. Cheetah.
                           C. Lion.  
                           D. Leopard. 

Correct Answer to the above question is option C.

Viewers can call and answer above question using the IVR number :505688201/2/3/4  (A/B/C/D equals 1/2/3/4 respectively) for above question. 

Other network subscribers can send their entries via SMS as KHMC C on the number 56060.

Lines are open from now to up to 8:59 AM of 12th February 2014.

All the best to all the aspirants who wish to win Rs. 50,000/- from OLX Ghar Baslyaa Kamva questionnaire which is specifically for the home viewers.

If your name is shortlisted for above question then you should get a call from ETV officials on 14th February 2014. 
Winner announcement for above question will be announced on 18th February 2014.

If you have missed this opportunity to participate, then you still have a lot of chances to send an SMS and win Rs. 50, 000/-.

In today's episode, the winner of previous question has been announced and to view it follow the link below: 

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